Let’s bring them here, join the Zen Peacemakers to Brussels on March 6, 2017

The Zen Peacemakers Low Lands (Belgium and The Netherlands) are joining the ‘Let’s Bring Them Here’ team.

We want to bring 10.667 refugees from Greece to the other European Countries.

Are you joining us too? Please sign-up with this registration link and send an email to the Zen Peacemakers Low Lands to let us know that you’ll be part of our team

“Let’s Bring Them Here
Reminding European Leaders of their promises
March 6th, 2017

In Greece, refugees are forced to live another winter in inhumane conditions. The European states promised more than a year ago to relocate them all, but so far only a small percentage has really been welcomed in Europe. By driving to Brussels in their own cars, citizens from all over Europe are offering themselves as ‘Official European Chauffeurs’, willing to ‘Bring Them Here’, to their respective countries. By this statement, they ask European governments to, quickly, live up to their promises. Let’s Bring Them Here is a civil action, originally initiated by Dutch citizens, supported by all kinds of NGO’s.
If there are indeed enough proud and welcoming European ‘Chauffeurs’, we will drive to Brussels on March 6th.”


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