Council circles

COUNCIL is a modern practice derived from many ancient forms of coming together and communicating in a circle. Council is an important core practice at all Bearing Witness Retreats. The practice of deep listening without judgment fosters an atmosphere of respect for one’s self and for others and promotes empathy, dissolving barriers to cooperation, understanding, […]

Bernie Glassman

Bernie Glassman was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1939. His parents were immigrants from Eastern Europe and he grew up in a Jewish family with a strong socialist orientation. After graduating from Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, he went to work for McDonnell-Douglas in California in 1960 as an aeronautical engineer, concentrating on interplanetary flights. He […]

Gate of Sweet Nectar

The foundation of the Gate of Sweet Nectar ceremony is based on Ananda’s deep connection with his mother, and his great suffering in relation to her trials in her afterlife. Ananda, according to lore, then went to the Buddha to see if there was anything he could do to help his mother. The Gate of […]

The Three Tenets

Zen Peacemakers community seeks to bear witness to the joy and suffering of the universe, and to realize and actualize the oneness and interdependence of life through study, practice and action for personal and social transformation. We are committed to nonviolence, inclusivity, free expression and experimentation. Entering the stream of Socially Engaged Spirituality we commit […]

Mission – Vision – Core Values

The mission of Zen Peacemakers is to create a community of peacemakers enacting a vision of peace through the practice of meditation, the Rule of the Zen Peacemaker Order and social action, and to nurture an environment for the realization and actualization of peacemaking as a path of awakening. We seek to connect, train and […]

Zen Peacemakers

The Zen Peacemakers Order (ZPO) is an international spirituality and social action network. In 1994, after a Street Retreat in Washington D.C., the name was adopted by the Zen Peacemakers, a socially engaged community that grew up around the American Zen master Bernie Glassman since the 1980s. Today the Zen Peacemakers Order is a virtual […]