My account of the Bearing Witness retreat in Bosnia Herzegowina – Mikko Iljäs

– by Mikko Iljäs, Finland –

I believe the Bosnian retreat might have been a very different one from the other retreats the Zen Peacemakers have previously organized, like the ones in Auschwitz and Rwanda. The ZP always urges us to have the courage to listen, to open our hearts and to bear witness. Read more about My account of the Bearing Witness retreat in Bosnia Herzegowina – Mikko Iljäs

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I was badly prepared. That was good. Evi Ketterer

Bearing Witness retreat Bosnia and Herzegovina 2017 – by Evi Ketterer – Monday, May 22, 2017, Affoltern am Albis, Switzerland In my job as a Palliative Care nurse, I was so challenged before the retreat, I could not read anything about real-life death experiences. But I chose to read the novel The Derwish and the […]

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Seeing war criminals as Buddha too – Mirko Gaspari

Mirko Gaspari – Serbia

Introduction and personal background

Had the former Yugoslavia been a country based on the premise that the citizen is sovereign and central to a state’s very existence, and the citizen’s ethnic background (or racial or any similar “blood and soil” or religious affiliation) secondary or even irrelevant, it probably would not have broken-up as violently as Read more about Seeing war criminals as Buddha too – Mirko Gaspari

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102nd Official Memorial The Armenian Genocide

  Dear extended Zen PeaceMaker family, On Monday, April 24th, 2017 we mark the Official Memorial of The Armenian Genocide where 1,500,000 Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians, Syrians and Chaldeans perished on the command of the Ottoman Young Turk regime.       We recognize the wound that has never been able to heal from the continual evasion of […]

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Barbara Wegmüller about the Bosnia Retreat

Reflections of Spiritholder  Barbara Wegmüller on the Bosnia-Herzegovina Retreat 8-12 May 2017 More information about this retreat you’ll find here Bearing witness in Bosnia 2017 I remember a long car journey in 1967, travelling on holiday with my parents and our dog. My sister, four years my elder, was not with us as she was […]

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The Farewell Bird

Tom Kets is an actor, writer and teacher. He makes theater and art projects for children as the business and artistic director of ‘Huis Binnenweg’. December last year he visited the Open Group Palliative Care of the Zen Peacemakers Lage Landen in Belgium for the first time. During this intensive meetings, there is always space […]

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The Three Tenets and Art

A short impression. On November 19 and 20, the first Zen Peacemakers workshop took place in London. The theme was The Three Tenets and Art. Frank De Waele roshi led the workshop. Julian Marshall, Damian Dudkiewicz and Tom Radcliffe showed us how to work with art in social action.   Reflections from Jo Clarke: “I […]

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