Code of Ethical Conduct for Bearing Witness Retreats

Bearing witness retreats often take us to places of deep suffering and even trauma. Participants are encouraged to bear witness not just to certain external and historical events, but also to personal issues of vulnerability and darkness. While the entire staff, including spirit holders, council facilitators, religious leaders and coordinators, tries to create a retreat […]

BiH – Finance your Donation with a Mala Practice

2,500 years ago, it was the practice of the lay congregation to support monks through donations of food and clothing. Shakyamuni Buddha led his monks each morning in the practice of begging for their daily food. Each day’s offering was received with thanks regardless of its nature or size. In this way the Buddha encouraged […]

BiH – Reading List and Links

Many books have been published about the Yugoslav Wars. Those listed below are particularly recommended because they are very powerful personal accounts of bearing witness and/or raise complex moral and spiritual issues. Suggested readings for participants to the Bosnia Bearing Witness Retreat, we highly recommend you to read at least one of the following books […]

BiH – Sarajevo Tours

SUNDAY 7th MAY Arrival day There is an opportunity for a pre-retreat Sarajevo historical and cultural guided tour with a local professional guide, starting from the hotel lobby at 3 pm. Sign up for this two-hour tour beforehand at hotel Saraj. Minimum 10 people. Participation fee: € 5.

BiH – Arrival and Sarajevo Lodging Information

Each participant of the retreat needs to book (and pay) his own stay in Sarajevo (before and after the retreat). As the program of the retreat has changed and we are not staying in Srebrenica, the three extra nights in hotel Saraj on May 9th, May 10th and May 11th in Sarajevo will be covered […]

BiH – Notes on a Council Training Workshop in the Balkans

COMING BACK TO OURSELVES: NOTES ON A COUNCIL TRAINING WORKSHOP IN THE BALKANS, March 2016   By Jared Seide, Center for Council   Three participants in last year’s Zen Peacemakers Bearing Witness Retreat to Auschwitz had come from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). They arrived in Poland with some trepidation about just what the plunge would […]

BiH – Cancellation Policy

If the workshop is cancelled by the Zen Peacemakers, registrants will receive full refunds of their payments. If a registration is cancelled by the participant: before 1st of March 2017 the cancellation fee will be € 50 between 1st of March and 15th of April 2017 the cancellation fee will be € 250 after 15th […]

BiH – Registration, Payment and More Information

We suggest a donation of € 850 (or more). In this way we can invite people from Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia to join us in the retreat. And we will be able to support selected peace projects in Bosnia-Herzegovina after the retreat. To only cover the costs a minimum of € 700 is necessary. Our preference […]

BiH – What Your Donation Includes

Your donation (minimum of € 700) finances the administrative and logistical costs of the retreat and its local staff. It provides for honorariums and travel costs needed to bring selected leaders from Bosnia and Serbia, scholarships for local participants and some guests, training for local people. Non local staff are paying their own travel costs and […]