Training Groups Southern Europe

Switzerland Spiegel Spiegel Sangha   Spiritual Directors: Roshi Barbara Salaam Wegmüller and Sensei Roland Yakushi Wegmüller Member Type: Zen Group Contact Person: Roshi Barbara Salaam Wegmüller Social Engagement: Contemplative Care, Immigration, Refugee Work, Women’s Issues,

Training Groups Northern Europe

Belgium Gent Zen Sangha   Spiritual Director: Roshi Frank De Waele  Member Type: Zen Center Contact Person: Roshi Frank De Waele Social Engagement: Bearing Witness Retreats, Contemplative Care, Interfaith Virtual Zen Peacemakers Lage Landen   Spiritual Director: Roshi Frank De Waele and Sensei Irène Kaigetsu Bakker Member Type: Virtual Contact Person: Petra Zenryū Hubbeling Social […]

Continental European Circle

Continental Circle membership is elected by the Regional Circles. Currently there are two Continental Circles : a Europe Continental Circle and a United States Continental Circle:   European Continental Circle consisting of: Steward: Frank De Waele, Belgium   From Northern Regional Circle: Cornelius Collande, Germany Agnieszka Poliszuk-Konopek, Poland   From Southern Regional Circle: Barbara Salaam Wegmüller, Switzerland […]

Southern Europe Circle

Southern Europe Governance Circle consisting of   Steward: Barbara Salaam Wegmüller, Switzerland   Members: Roland Yakushi Wegmüller, Switzerland José Ovídio Waldemar, Brazil Tani Katz, Israel Iris Katz, Israel Jozo Novak, Spain Roberto Mander, Italy (Note: Until we have more groups in South America, Australia and the Middle East, members living there will be represented in […]

Northern Europe Circle

Northern Europe Governance Circle consisting of Steward: Frank De Waele, Belgium   Members: Cornelius Collande, Germany Petra Zenryū Hubbeling, Netherlands Andrzej Krajewski, Poland Agnieszka Poliszuk-Konopek, Poland Catherine Pagès, France Michel Dubois, France   Contact person for the Northern Europe Circle: Petra Zenryū Hubbeling The Northern Europe Circle has ZPO members in the following countries: Belgium […]