Governance Circles

Governance of the Zen Peacemaker Order (ZPO) is done through Governance Circles, formed for the following purposes:

  1. discuss and implement  ZPO policies and procedures,
  2. discuss and implement ZPO Member and Steward criteria, and
  3. oversee the Training Group application criteria and application process.

The Governance Circles do not have any function in the internal policies of any ZPO Training Group.

The organizational structure consists of:

  • Regional  Circles in Europe and the United States,
  • USA and Europe Continental Circles and
  • an International Circle.

Regional Circles have been formed in areas where there are Members and Stewards. While now there is some representation from Brazil, Australia and Israel, those areas will have their own governance circles when they have enough Members and Stewards.

ZPO encourages the use of Council and the Sociocratic method in all Circles.

Roshi Bernie Glassman is a Co-Founder of the ZPO. Roshi Sandra Jishu Holmes, the other Co-Founder, passed away in 1998. As Co-Founder Bernie is the steward of the vision of the ZPO.  He will:

  1. attend the International Circle meeting.
  2. manifest as a clown now and Zen.

His vision of the ZPO, includes the following ingredients:

  • the Three Tenets of the Order (not-knowing, bearing witness and doing the actions coming out of not-knowing and bearing witness).
  • the ZPO as a world-wide movement of meditators doing social action, based on the Three Tenets, as spiritual practice,
  • bearing witness retreats around the world at places where humanity’s shadow appears,
  • forms of practice for individual and collective enlightenment, and
  • how we can live our lives with openness and wonder.

Regional Circles are responsible for all decisions affecting their region only. Proposed changes that may affect the ZPO continentally or internationally will be sent to the Continental Circle. Likewise, proposed changes that may affect the ZPO internationally, will be sent to the International Circle by the Continental Circles.

Any ZPO Member or Steward can make suggestions or proposals, relating to any ZPO matter, to their Regional Circle. They should give the suggestions or proposals to the Steward of that Regional Circle.

More information about the European Circles you find here:

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