Mission – Vision – Core Values

The mission of Zen Peacemakers is to create a community of peacemakers enacting a
vision of peace through the practice of meditation, the Rule of the Zen Peacemaker Order
and social action, and to nurture an environment for the realization and actualization of
peacemaking as a path of awakening. We seek to connect, train and support Zen
Peacemakers throughout the world.

The Vision of the Zen Peacemakers is:

  • the Three Tenets of the Order (not-knowing, bearing witness and doing the actions
    coming out of not-knowing and bearing witness)
  • the ZPO as a world-wide movement of meditators doing social action as spiritual
  • bearing witness retreats around the world at places where humanity’s shadow
  • forms of practice for individual and collective enlightenment,
  • and how we can live our lives with openness and wonder.


The core values of Zen Peacemakers are:

  • The Three Tenets
  • Minimizing suffering to ourselves and others
  • Broad-based inclusivity of all things
  • Renewal, creativity and experimentation
  • Inquiry into skillful means
  • Peer governance


Zen Peacemakers community is committed to:

  • A reverence for all life
  • A sustainable and ethical economy
  • Equal rights for all
  • Stewardship of the Earth
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