The Three Tenets and Art

3-tenets-and-art5A short impression.

On November 19 and 20, the first Zen Peacemakers workshop took place in London.

The theme was The Three Tenets and Art.

Frank De Waele roshi led the workshop.
Julian Marshall, Damian Dudkiewicz and Tom Radcliffe showed us how to work with art in social action.


Reflections from Jo Clarke:

“I had an insightful and enjoyable time during my time with ZPO. We spent Saturday evening & all day Sunday learning about the various humanitarian acts of kindness that people are doing across the globe and it was humbling to be a being part of their process.

We shared experiences with one another, took part in some insightful exercises that incorporated music, art, movement, acknowledging that we spend much of our time racing through life, not appreciating the beauty that surrounds us.

I would highly recommend joining the next Zen Peacemakers workshop. It wakes us up and brings us back to feeling grounded.”

Reflections from Kit Grindstaff:

“I attended the first few Sunday workshops before having to leave before the day ended. The approximately 15 other attendees were all lovely, and I felt immediately at home, which doesn’t often happen amongst relative strangers! I particularly related to Julian’s workshop, being a musician myself as well as an old friend. But I also found in retrospect how much there was to the workshop that followed, led by Damian. The “throwing the ball” part of it made me reflect quite a bit afterwards on how such a deceptively simple exercise gave a lot of insight into how attention and presence are often so lacking, and how so much opportunity for connection with others, truly giving of oneself, is easily missed. Since then, I feel that my “witness” is a little more awake, and eager to become more so!”

Part of the workshop was street photography, the photo’s shows an impression.

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